Being on lockdown makes you realise how you have been living your life. Maybe we have all been living a massive lie or contradiction?

It has never been my greatest strength to connect

But with this lockdown, I am filled with regret

For not taking advantage of the times I could connect

I’m not talking about connecting online

With a picture here and a comment there

All great fun but I need to connect

Give me something I’ll never forget

Do I just accept the madness I see before me

Created in house parties, Tik Tok and GCs'

Or maybe it’s just me on a long thing indicating my reality

Not connecting with the time we’re coexisting in

Oh how I wanna go back to the days

Of pay phones on the street

When you bought bus passes in the corner shop

And had to shop by trying on jeans

Time-consuming moments to link up properly

Maybe I don’t see it locked down by COVID-19

2020 vision makes me see what’s now a reality

Don’t you want to escape it and see physically

Place value and energy in what’s priceless

- true relationships ain't guaranteed!

Argh! Don’t worry, I’m just deeping things

How long has it been

They got me on lockdown

With social distancing

I’m left reminiscing of what connecting used to be

#covid19 #lockdown #socialdistancing


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