From child to father, and Father God to son

A message in poetry to fathers

I wrote down a few words to tell you a story

But I thought it be better to write it in poetry

So here it comes please listen intently for my words I hope will truly acclaim thee.

father oh father, where for art thou father?

I look to the left and look further than the sun,

to receive the warmth from your loving heart

In the still moments reflect on this,

the truth and depth of what you have will be seen in me

Be I a daughter

Be I a son

You choose to love and protect me from the things of this world

I see how much my life is impacted by you

I blossom from the frequency of your transforming expression

as you dwell in God’s Holy Presence

You imprint my destiny and take this so seriously

as you dedicate time to seek God’s Face concerning me

In the place of prayer, you lift me

In the time of need, you provide for me

Sometimes I’m naughty and push the boundaries

but still, you choose to love me unconditionally

You never give up, no never on me,

Truth be told you probably wonder how you do it

but I want you to know

When Jesus said, “I only do what I see my Father do”.

I can attest that this is so true.

For I see how you nurture me in the way you are living

Oh, how grateful I am to have you, Daddy,

knowing God chose you intentionally for me.

Oh yes I give Him all the glory

The beauty in the power of your fatherhood

stems from the blueprint of heaven

You do not take your example from the world,

no, you live by what is written in His Word

The will to transform

The truth of His Word

A life lived yielded

A heart conceded

A lifestyle lived daily walking with Father God

That is you father, my daily example.

I had to take a moment and go sit in heaven to write you a love note of appreciation so this is the part from Father to a son, the words which were given, I hope you will listen:

First, you are a son

Equipped with the victory and power,

you know in Him you are an Overcomer

Your trust in God gives you the strength to soar

Within your heart, God’s light shines bright

and leads you to seek Him in all of your ways

Take a hold of your heart My sons, God says

For within it there is much to behold the beauty of My Glory

One thing you must know, and know this profoundly

My sacrifice positions you intricately within Me

Well done for taking your position

and being seated with Me on the right hand in Heaven

Today is your day and I celebrate you

Father to father and Father to sons

I AM proud of you, my beloved

And This confidence I give to you,

Every promise concerning you I have fulfilled completely

So, Remember look to me Your Father, for I AM the source from which you draw all from.


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