Lockdown the Christian Way

The pandemic has left people feeling lost on what to do with all the time they have on their hands. The challenge is everything has to be done indoors. I find this exciting. More time to drive my children barmy, only kidding, you'll have to ask them how they really feel lol.

I decided to show my personal top 14 activities while in lockdown. The light at the end of the tunnel indicates there is a possibility we'll be let back out in May. Let's keep praying for people! Prayer, number 1 on my list.

  1. Praying: we pray for our good, prayer is like a ladder which connects the earth with heaven and man with God. It is time we spend listening, speaking and petitioning God.

  2. Bible study - meditating in the Word of God is food to our soul. It is the absolute truth which points us to Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God.

  3. Fasting - is when we choose to abstain from specific activities like eating food, for a set period of time to be still with God. Not for dieting purposes!

  4. Worship - expressing your thanksgiving and love to God through music and dance

  5. Journaling - Spending time to write my thoughts, God's revelations and my dreams. Writing down the words the Holy Spirit shares in intimate moments of reflection and worship.

  6. Sit still - listening to instrumental worship while sitting quietly in God's Presence. Being still in your mind and heart to gaze on the Lord.

  7. Artistic expression - can take different forms, for me, it's writing, for others, it could be painting or drawing.

  8. Giving - in the form of tithes, offerings and donations to the church and as the Spirit of God leads you.

  9. Break bread - Taking bread and drink and breaking it as a symbol of our covenant relationship with Jesus Christ in accordance with His Word.

  10. Develop ideas - creativity is the nature of God and we are like Him, spend time to daydream and visualise with God, to create new ideas and explore possibilities unseen

  11. Have fun - I believe we are to enjoy every good thing in moderation - gardening, exercise, reading, spending time with family, entertainment and travelling, all this can be enjoyed with God when we include Him in everything we do.

  12. Sleep - a time of rest for the body and soul and a time to dream with God.

  13. Movies - I included movies separately because I really enjoy watching them and they sometimes minister to me. If you don't believe me, check out this blog.

  14. Social media & Game apps - hard to avoid in this technological age, includes my bible app too (wink, wink)

There are so many options available on our phones, laptops, tablets, Xbox/PlayStation, youtube, Tic Tok, the list is endless.

Don't get distracted.

Have SMART fun and be intentional about including God in everything you do, no matter how small and insignificant it may seem, God loves to spend time with His Children.

Go on, have some fun!

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