Business Discipleship Programme

Learn from each experience, then take action.

The world never expected 2020 to be like this, neither did we in the body of Christ, the Church. 

The tide is turning and the season has come for many of us to move beyond the world we see with our physical eyes.


It is time for Matthew 6 verse 10:  

"Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven." (AMPC)


"Manifest your kingdom realm,
    and cause your every purpose to be fulfilled on earth, just as it is fulfilled in heaven." (TPT)

There is so much to live for and achieve for God. It is time to birth and display what is within you for the world. We need more wealthy Christians in the world.  

Don't waste any more time, Holy Spirit wants to show you the way. It is time to be on display.

Do you want more for your life and future?
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About BDP

The Business Discipleship Programme

Welcome to the Business Discipleship Programme (BDP).

The Business Discipleship Programme is a new and innovative programme which runs for 12 months'.

During this time, you will deepen your understanding and wisdom of God's ways, transform your mind, change your life and establish your purpose and business in the marketplace based on God's kingdom Principles. You will learn, develop and apply Kingdom principles to building and growing your business.


Are you ready to trust God with your business?

Holy Spirit is ready.

Are you ready for YOU and what you have been given for the world? 

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The difference between yesterday and tomorrow is TODAY

Don't delay your potential any longer

12 people

The number of spaces available on the programme.

12 businesses

The number of businesses we will work on developing and progressing together.

12 months

The duration of the programme - your time, your commitment and your active participation to achieve success.

win-win clause

This programme is FREE however there is a mandatory monetary commitment.

Applies only to this cohort.


With the use of technology, there is more access to information on everything including business than the human brain can process. This information is based on human-thinking and worldly principles, which is not for God.

On the Business Discipleship Programme, you will receive biblically-based teachings, training, and resources to align your business with God's purposes.

You will be challenged as a leader to look at yourself, your business strategy, the culture of your business and work to improve your business approach to achieve results.

Be the leader God designed you to be for His purpose and glory.


God is good and He wants you to be saved, healthy, wealthy, valued, wise, fulfilled and having an impact on earth for His kingdom right now.

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Starts Saturday 23rd January 2021 

what BDP is:

  • Primarily for business growth, personal development and transforming minds 

  • Driven by a relationship with the Holy Spirit while focusing on God-honoring business principles and strategies

  • Group discussions and sessions facilitated to challenge thinking and productivity to achieve breakthrough results

  • A safe and confidential place where you can openly discuss your challenges, successes, failures, and concerns

  • Resources which amplify learning and encourages action in business ​

what BDP is not:

  • A Church, small group, ministry or Bible study time

  • A training programme for developing a 'new' business idea

  • A group for your network marketing business to prospect customers​

  • A place to gossip or be petty, boastful, envious, jealous, or judgmental

  • For only men or only women, both men and women are welcome

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If you’ve been feeling the draw toward entrepreneurship or doing something beyond your job, I believe that is God calling you. 

Now is the time to get moving.

King Solomon was the wealthiest man that ever lived, with a suggested peak net worth of £1.42 trillion.

What is possible for YOU in God, for His kingdom, His purpose and His glory?

Image by Elena Mozhvilo