Walking Challenge


Take your body to the next level and do more for you, others and your local community, at the same time.


10x10x10 Challenge

Image by Dorothea OLDANI


Ask 10 people to sponsor you to complete the 10x10x10  walking challenge. 

They sponsor you to walk every day in February.

10 people sponsor you for £10

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You agree to walk everyday ithroughout the month of February for a minimum of 30mins. You can choose to walk longer if you choose to.

Walk 30mins for 28 days

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While you walk, you can use the time to pray for your local community. You can pray on the first day for your local churches, on the second day for local schools,  on the third day road safety etc.

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Ask those 10 people to support your walk by sponsoring you for  £10. The money raised will be donated to 2 Christian Organisations - one in the UK, 

- one in Uganda

Women Walking

 Hey there, I would like you to join me on this awesome challenge. I am feeling pumped about this idea inspired by Holy Spirit while out walking lol!

What an idea! 

A challenge that combines some exercise, prayer time, raising money for a charitable cause while gaining the support of others.

Totally awesome, right!

I won't beat around the bush if you would like to take part, simply click below and the full details will be sent to you asap.


THE 10x10x10 CHALLENGE STARTS ON MONDAY 6th September 2021 for 28 days.

Click NOW to receive the sponsorship form, the prayer schedule plus the account to pay the money into for charity.

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Walking Challenge